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Well, hi there! I'm Bradley ... or Brad as you may hear from time to time. I grew up in upstate New York, like above the Adirondacks upstate! I'm currently studying chemistry in Vermont and absolutely love binge watching tv shows. I have a beta fish named Storm and he is amazing!



Hi! My name is Jess! I'm originally from New Jersey and just finished up my PhD in Vermont. I am OBSESSED with tik tok, and if you listen to our podcast, you've probably caught on to that. When I'm not scrolling through tik tok, I enjoy crocheting - yes, I'm essentially a grandma stuck in a millennial's body!



Hello! I'm Kayla. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and only recently moved to Vermont to study bioinorganic chemistry (that's the chemistry of metals in biological systems). I love to paint, and I love my cat Violet. Hope you enjoy our podcast!

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